Facebook Hooligans Trash Brit Ad Exec's Home

Turn Daughter's Sweet 16 Into an 'Absolute Horror Show'

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The country that brought you droogs, football brawls and random knife violence is now introducing a brand of hooliganism fit for a Web 2.0 world. Reports out of the U.K. tell a harrowing tale of how one Georgina Hobday's 16th birthday party -- and her parents' Brighton home -- was trashed in part by a group known as the Facebook Republican Army.

More than 400 no-goodniks showed up and wreaked mayhem after young Georgina sent out Facebook invitations for her super-swanky soiree. "The garden has been ruined, the grass is just mud. People were walking through the pond and I heard one boy was trying to headbutt the mirror," the girl's mother was quoted as saying. "My front garden was full and some people were climbing up the balcony and trying to get through the windows."

Brand Republic, which identified the mother as former Grey planning exec Sylvia Meli, said members of the Facebook Republican Army regularly "scour social networking sites looking for parties to crash, even hiring their own coach and driver to wreck parties across the country." The website placed the damage at more than $7,400.
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