In Financial Times Ad, Eurozone Countries Are Portrayed as Sitting Ducks

DDB UK Uses Humor to Highlight Need for Paper's Informed News and Analysis

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The Eurozone is in crisis and the Italian and Greek prime ministers have both resigned in disgrace, but the Financial Times has not lost its sense of humor.

FT ad: Eurozone as sitting ducks
FT ad: Eurozone as sitting ducks

Its latest ad, created by DDB UK, shows the 12 stars of the European Union flag replaced by little yellow ducks. With most of the continent in deep crisis, the ad portrays the member nations as sitting ducks in a fairground shooting game, waiting to be shot down one at a time.

The print and online ad, which says "Europe's economy in the firing line. Authoritative coverage and analysis," will appear in the Financial Times and on

Jeremy Craigen, executive creative director of DDB UK, said, "This is a typical Financial Times execution that captures the crisis in an intelligent, informative and witty way."

DDB UK has established a tradition of subtly provocative advertising for the FT, using the campaign strapline, "We live in Financial Times."

A recent print ad showed a St. Bernard dog at the top of a mountain during a snowstorm. Instead of the traditional brandy barrel around his neck, the rescue dog sports a rolled up copy of the FT.

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