Green Party Urges Voters to 'Change the Tune' in U.K. Election

Boy Band Spoof Highlights Similarities of Rival Politcians

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The Green Party – which is led by a woman – has created a new film that relegates the competition to boy-band style clones, as part of its campaign in the run-up to the U.K. general election on May 7.

The provocative film will be broadcast on the BBC tonight. It features satirical versions of the (male) leaders of the Green Party's four main rival parties, brought together to form a fictitious boy band called Coalition. The quartet sing the song, titled "Change the Tune," in harmony, demonstrating how similar all their policies sound.

In the U.K., political parties are allowed to buy advertising on billboards, print, and online but not on TV or radio. However, each of the main parties (those fielding candidates for at least one-sixth of the seats up for election) is allocated a primetime TV slot, free of charge, lasting a maximum of four minutes and 40 seconds.

The four men are current Prime Minster David Cameron (Conservative Party), his deputy Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat), Ed Miliband (Labour) and Nigel Farage (UK Independence Party). The only real feature that distinguishes the four men from one another is the color of their ties.

Natalie Bennet, leader of the Green Party, said in a statement, "For many years the establishment parties have been singing from the same hymn sheet. The consensus – which sees all other parties sign up to austerity economics, privatization of our public services and inaction on climate change – is coming to an end. The Green Party is offering a real alternative to business-as-usual politics."

The film opens with a serious message, delivered by a spokesperson (a black woman), who says, "There's only one party that stands by its beliefs, while every other party is so similar – it's like they're in ... harmony." The film then cuts to the four men singing, complete with grand piano, dry ice, and choreographed moves.

Stu Outhwaite, creative partner at Creature of London, which made the film, said in a statement, "The Greens are the progressive, alternative voice we need in politics. With this in mind we've created a broadcast that we hope goes some way to making that voice louder."

The video was released today on YouTube and the Green Party's website ahead of the TV broadcast on BBC1. It was air again on the U.K.'s Channel 4 in the next few days.

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