Iceland's President Invites You Over For Pancakes

To Lure Tourists, Locals Offer Fun Activities Like Sushi With the Mayor and Knitting Sweaters

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Between banks crashing, volcanoes erupting, and crowds rioting, Iceland hasn't exactly gotten the best press in recent years. As the ash settles, the tiny European island looks to lure tourists with a web campaign personally inviting visitors into their homes.

Night sailing. Geese hunting. Ghost museum tours. Sushi with the mayor of Reykjavik. Pancakes at the president's home. These are a few of the invitations currently open to Iceland's visitors. London-based creative agency The Brooklyn Brothers teamed with the nation's tourist board to create an online campaign that connects tourists with citizens eager to show off their nation.

HUNT GEESE WITH A LOCAL from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

In a national address, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson urged the country to "show guests that Iceland is just as enchanting to visit in the winter," leading the way by inviting tourists over to the presidential residence for pancakes, whipped cream and rhubarb jam. More than 50 Icelanders have signed up on, posting videos and pictures beckoning all interested to a wide array of activities. Lovably awkward Icelanders smile into the camera amidst scenic backdrops, warmly inviting viewers to come knit Icelandic sweaters, hunt for the Northern lights, or swing by their party.

The website also helpfully includes a "How to get there" section, answers to questions like "When is it daylight?" direct links to Iceland's two airlines, and an "Iceland Live" feature with two live webcams focusing on Tjornin, a small lake, and Blaa Lonid, an artificial lagoon on a former lava field.

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