The Latest Ad Scam: Lego for Adults

Ad blogs fooled by fake campaign for X-rated creations

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Franck VinchonFranck Vinchon

The latest trick from the famous Russian blogger and friend Kuteev raised an interesting debate about the worldwide blogosphere. Kuteev did re-design some existing photos to create a completely fake campaign for Lego, suggestively named 'Lego for Adults'. Here's a link to the NSFW content.

He pushed the story until presenting a fake credit list including a famous agency and some people that were working there a long time ago. In less than one day, many of the blogs dedicated to advertising and creation around the world linked to the campaign (here's one) spreading the word that a provocative new creative work is about to shake the Lego communication standards. That was a trick that was discovered quite early...but the damage was done.

It's interesting to see how fake information can be so quickly spread by blogging specialists. What to think about Wikipedia, what to think about specialized blogs, what to think about independent news portal. We all know that a lot of journalists now are using Internet as a main source of information. Do we have to rely on all that we find on Internet? Kuteev did that for fun, but he understood quickly that he was touching something bigger.

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