Ikea Enters U.K. Election Campaign

Marketer Suggests Kitchens Designed for Each Prime Minister Candidate

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LONDON (AdAge.com) -- With the U.K. election only a week away, Ikea is entering the fray with three separate kitchen designs, each created specifically for one of the three would-be prime ministers currently canvassing for votes on May 6.

Ikea is offering design inspiration for whichever leader wins the right to move into the prime minister's residence at 10 Downing Street. A website, ikeadomesticpolicy.com, shows the three kitchen designs -- Brun, Kamerun and Kleggi -- and allows users to scroll over the items in the kitchen to reveal a whole host of pertinent product details.

The Kamerun kitchen is named after Conservative leader David Cameron.
The Kamerun kitchen is named after Conservative leader David Cameron.
The site, created by digital agency Cake, is an extension of Ikea's message that it has something for everyone. It links to another site where users can plan and design their own kitchens (or just watch Ikea's Kitchen Squad create mayhem).

The Brun matches the style of the current U.K. prime minister and leader of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, who is the owner of a real Ikea kitchen. The Brun design is hard-working, durable and can stand years of punishment.

Mr. Brown's chief rival, David Cameron, has had the Kamerun kitchen named after him. It is slick, shiny and blemish-free, much like the Conservative leader himself. For Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg -- who has surged in popularity recently -- there is the Kleggi kitchen.

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Each kitchen has features that resonate particularly with its namesake. The Brun includes the Granita work surface, "capable of taking a beating from blunt or sharp objects propelled at force," a reference to popular stories about Mr. Brown throwing objects around his office when upset. The Brun's plentiful cupboards have room to store every kind of biscuit -- helpful for a man who was unable to think of an answer when asked to name his favorite cookie brand.

Mr. Cameron, who was airbrushed in a recent ad, should enjoy the special kitchen units that allow marks and blemishes to be removed in an instant. Mr. Clegg, meanwhile, gets a dining table that can be extended to entertain unexpected guests -- helpful for a man who may need to sit down with the Labour or Conservative Parties if, as seems likely, the election does not prove decisive and he finds himself courted by the other parties for his support.

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