Pringles Combats Oversharing on Facebook

P&G Brand Will Help You Ridicule People Who Share Too Much, Too Often

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LONDON ( -- Pringles is campaigning to rid Facebook and Twitter of "oversharers" -- people who plague the social networks and irritate other users with too much information about their humdrum lives.

The Procter & Gamble brand has introduced a Pringles-branded tagging facility, which performs the opposite function to Facebook's ubiquitous "like" sign (represented by a thumbs-up graphic), by labeling users as "oversharers." The plug-in allows anyone seeing a ridiculous Facebook or Twitter status update to shame their friend with just one click.

Wunderman U.K. has created a dedicated website and an oversharers page on Pringles' Facebook site, which offers its 3.16 million fans -- and anyone else who's interested -- the chance to download the overshare button and use it to label their friends' dull status updates. When users click on "overshare," the author of the update receives a message advising them to seek help at the Pringles website.

As well as the button, Pringles is also selling overshare merchandise, where you can create your own T-shirt bearing the TMI posting of your choice. There is also the option of creating a customized video, which includes a mock-up of the overshare posted into a newspaper headline or the lights of the big neon signs in London's Piccadilly Circus, which can then be sent to friends. Prizes will be introduced to encourage people to spread the campaign virally.

All the offending overshares are then showcased on the website. Updates such as "LOL!! A pigeon!" "My arm's itchy. I'll scratch it," and "Snogged a weird bald guy last night -- eeewww!" are posted anonymously.

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The website also has a "Help me stop!" page with useful advice such as "Think before you type," "Watch how often," "Do cool stuff" and "Know your audience."

The "Help the Oversharers" campaign is being backed by online banners, print ads and digital billboards of real oversharers, featuring the mustachioed face of Julius Pringles.

Martin Gent, creative director at Wunderman, said in a statement, "We all know a few oversharers who can't resist telling us every detail of their lives, from going into a boring meeting to their kid's toilet training. This campaign is your chance to help the oversharers in the nicest way possible."

The campaign represents a new take on Pringles' long-running "sharing" positioning, and includes the line, "Pringles. One of the few things worth sharing."

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