Nivea Demos Sun Protection in Brazil with a Million Beads

AgenciaClick Creates Mosaic for Rio de Janeiro that Dazzles in Sunshine but Prevents Sunburn

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It's summer in Brazil, and Nivea Sun is demonstrating its effective protection against the scorching sun in Rio de Janeiro with a clever outdoor idea and 1 million beads.

Under the direction of Aegis Group's AgenciaClick Isobar, an artist created a giant outdoor mosaic composed of white beads that react to the sun's ultra violet rays. The mosaic was painted in vivid colors depicting a woman in a bathing suit sunning herself on the sand under a brilliant sun.

During the sunny days the colors are bright, except for white letters that remain entirely white because the artist slathered them with Nivea Sun. The letters spell out the campaign's tagline "Viva o verao de perto" (Portuguese for "Live the summer up close.")

At night, without the sun striking the billboard, the entire surface is white. The color returns the next day when the sun rises, except in the letters protected by Nivea Sun.

The billboard, set up along the wide Av. Presidente Vargas boulevard in downtown Rio, will be up until March 3.

Agencia Click also enlisted popular TV presenter Rodrigo Faro, who did a product demonstration posted in a video on his blog in which he holds white beads in each hand, sprays one handful with Nivea Sun, then goes outside by his swimming pool. The unsprayed beads quickly darken, while the others remain pristine white.

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