Partial-brained Tory Men Turn to U.K. Shop for Help With Mums

Women Are Hired, a Phallic Logo Softened

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A 2-year-old book on the female psyche, titled "Inside Her Pretty Little Head," is getting a new look following the revelation that its authors have been advising British conservatives on how to market their ideas to the fairer sex. Top Tory David Cameron has turrned to Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts for advice on how to win over middle-class moms, or mums, during the next election.
Tory logo before and after
Tory logo before and after
Tory logo before and after

The two, who run an agency called Pretty Little Head, have some big ideas on how the sexes differ, ideas rather consistent with the not-uncommon opinion that women are simply better than men when the criteria is caring about things other themselves.

Here's how "The Times" of London sums it up the book's findings: "Men are described as active, analytical, competitive and interested in things, while women are more concerned with feelings, relationships, people and empathy." Moreover, men only use part of their brains, while women use the whole thing.

At the behest of the agency, which has been meeting with Tory bigwigs for the past 18 months or so, the conservatives have been playing down gimme-gimme masculine issues like tax cuts and playing up care for the old and education. A while back, the Tories also ditched their torch logo for the more nuturing image of an oak tree and they have placed a few women with kids in high-profile positions.
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