Russian Ad Featuring a Cartoonish Obama Prompts Cries of Racism

An Ice Cream Ad Calling Obama the "Flavor of the Week" Is Prompting a Debate

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This isn't the first time President Barack Obama's image has been exploited in international advertising, but it might be the most bizarre. The idea behind this Russian ad, from Voskhod, for the ice cream bar Duet, is obvious, as are the racial overtones. But do we detect a bit of a sneer in the copy? The line "Flavor of the Week" does suggest that Mr. Obama's popularity was based on little more than fashion. And in these stormy days it's difficult not to read those rainbows in the background as ironic.

The ad is via Ads of the World, where there's a vibrant debate going on in the comments section. Sample: "[T]his is the worst ad ever made. supposed to be funny but turned out to be just racist!"

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