Two Small Agency Award Winners Are Still Battling Each Other

Silver International Prize at Ad Age's 2014 Awards Led to Beer Pong Challenge and More

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Two winners from Ad Age's 2014 Small Agency Awards are still battling it out. One of the two international Agency of the Year (Silver) winners, Buenos Aires agency +Castro, was delighted to be a winner, but knowing there was another Silver winner in the international category stirred up the Argentines' competitive spirit.

+Castro, the agency explains in the video, decided there was only one thing to do: challenge South African agency and fellow Silver winner Volcano to a playoff: "Three challenges that will put to the test the most important and professional skills an agency should have."

That would be beer pong, a staring contest and a pole dance.

Volcano quickly shot back "Challenge accepted" and the two agencies faced off, virtually. +Castro invited Ad Age editors to be the judges. We recused ourselves, but you don't have to. Votes can be cast via Twitter for #Castroisthewinner or #volcanoisthewinner.

Or if you're an independent agency with fewer than 150 employees, you can enter Ad Age's 2015 Small Agency Awards. The call for entries opened this week here. (If you want to gather everything you need before plunging in, rules and details can be found here.) The deadline is April 8.

But be warned. Volcano won't be back, because the very talented South African shop was bought by WPP right after last year's Small Agency Awards, and, re-named Grey Africa, is no longer eligible to enter. But you might just find yourself playing beer pong with +Castro.

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