Straight From Syria: a Thong With a Mobile-Phone Holder

A New Book About the Muslim Nation's Surprisingly Vital Lingerie Industry

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For a lot of obvious reasons, one wouldn't assume that Syria knows much about sexy underthings. Sure to right that misperception is a recent book by Malu Halasa and Rana Salam called "The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie."

Despite the nation's conservative culture, Syrian women invest heavily in vivid, imaginatively designed lingerie to keep their men interested, not unlike the way a fisherman use brightly-colored flies to attract bass.

As one Damascus salesperson is quoted in this piece on the local souks, "An Arab wedding night must be Technicolor." These man lures are made of every imaginable material, from feathers to latex, and have features that GM would be happy to have in its latest sedan, such as a tiny chip that plays music or a cellphone holster.

Leaf through the book here. (Thanks to the excellent Very Short List for the heads up.)
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