Turkish Cobbler Gets Mileage Out of Iraqi Shoe-Throwing Incident

Controversy Offers Lesson in Striking While the Iron Is Hot

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Smart marketers know that when a cultural moment presents an opportunity to thrust your brand or products before consumers you need to take it.

Hell, even a Turkish cobbler knows it. In the days since his 10-year-old black leather shoe design became world famous, Ramazan Baydan is claiming that he's received more than 370,000 orders for the model of shoe that was tossed at President George W. Bush, according to an interview on Forbes.com. Mr. Baydan is responding to consumer interest by renaming the Ducati Model 271 "The Bush Shoe" or "Bye-Bye Bush."

Americans are responsible for nearly 20,000 of the orders, while Iraqis have ordered 120,000 of the $40 shoes. But as the Forbes.com piece notes, the shoe's parentage is in some dispute as multiple cobblers have claimed they've created it. But of course this is marketing so the truth only matters so much.

And in case you missed it over at Adages, here's what eBay and its agency, Proximity BBDO in Belgium, did. It's a 20-second clip that makes some hay of the incident

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