Could the U.K. Be the Next Great Pool for Ad Outsourcing?

One Brit Firm Says U.S. Companies Should Give It a Go

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With the dollar at a seven-year high against the pound, the U.K. is suddenly looking like a bargain talent pool that cash-strapped U.S. marketers might like to go fishing in.

As a globally respected pool of creativity, U.K. agencies aren't used to being seen as a cut-price option, but the country is now looking pretty attractive as an outsourcing site for US marketers. A dollar now buys roughly 50% more in the U.K. than it did seven years ago and one company, Insight Marketing, is already taking advantage of this opportunity.

Insight has set up the "Eurostart" marketing program, promising US brand owners a "bigger bang for their buck." The company already has experience launching tech companies in the U.K. and Europe, having introduced McAfee online security systems to the continent.

Mark Robson, a partner at Insight Marketing, said, "When marketers complain that money's tight, we now have an answer for them. One meeting with us can kick off a whole launch program because we already have a long track record of helping US companies remotely expand into Europe."

Mr. Robson came up with the idea when booking an upcoming skiing trip to Canada. He realized just how much it was going to cost him because of the weak pound, and spotted an opportunity.

"Some marketers are retrenching and being cautious, but others are keen to expand into the U.K. and Europe," Mr. Robson added.

In a global digital world where money is tight, even marketers who are not looking to expand outside the US might think about talking to U.K. agencies. "There are opportunities to use resources and maximize budgets on both sides of the pond," Mr. Robson said.

Mr. Robson's company offers several different packages depending on the level of service a marketer wants.

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