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News Site to Meet Same Fate as Hemingway, International Cooperation

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The New York Times, having discovered it already owns a big global news website, is shuttering the online home for the International Herald Tribune, with the Gray Lady's sprawling website now playing host to IHT news. Which broaches the question of whether the print version of IHT has much of a future.

The IHT was, of course, the first global newspaper when it was founded back in the late 19th Century and indispensable outlet for many a businessman traveling in Europe and long-term expatriate. I'm not now nor ever have been a reader but one would imagine it's significantly less useful in an age when every newspaper with a url is global in reach. The distribution obstacles that made the IHT necessary in the first place, no longer exist. If all I need is an internet connection—and Europe has at least one—to get my news from The Times or Washington Post or what have you, do I need the IHT, in any form? Just something for you IHT fans to ponder as you laze at your cafe table, nibbling on pain au chocolat or, perhaps, as you get "tight" on red wine squirted from a leather skin while reminiscing about the Spanish Civil War.
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