What Is Data On-Boarding?

The Transfer of Offline Data to the Digital Realm

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Data On-boarding, sometimes referred to as data on-ramping, is the transfer of data gathered offline to the digital realm. This offline-to-online data process is known as "on-boarding" in the industry. Companies like LiveRamp and Datalogix match offline databases from in-store transactions or customer-service call interactions to online data, often making the connection by using registration information gathered by travel, dating or news sites, or gaming system partners. They can also link cookies representing a user's visitation to a partner site to information in CRM databases. Advertisers use on-boarding services to market to current customers, create look-alike models for ad targeting, or to measure effectiveness of online campaigns on in-store sales.

Bob Intarakumhang, senior manager for digital analytics at Allstate on Data Onboarding:
"Relying purely on an online signal to inform how your marketing efforts are driving business for you is a very incomplete picture," said Mr. Intarakumhang. He led the charge at the insurance firm to begin moving customer data to the web from Allstate's transactional, call-center and agent databases.

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