Why Marketers Should Care About The Quantified Self

A Definition of The Quantified Self Movement

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The Quantified Self movement represents the increasingly popular digitization of our physical lives. The QS movement has exploded as a result of the adoption of devices that track calorie intake, physical activity, heart rate and other key metrics that can be used to determine fitness, mood and other personal analytics.

Some of the most well-known devices that enable self-quantification -- otherwise known as "lifelogging" -- include Nike+ SportWatch GPS and FuelBand, Jawbone's Up Band and FitBit One. Donning these data-generating appendages is often referred to as "wearable computing."

Todd Cullen, global chief data officer at Ogilvy & Mather on QS for Marketing:

"From a marketer's perspective, this new class of data is a goldmine. Just think what we can do with minute-by-minute tracking of body movements, physical reactions to external stimulus (like ads!), weight and body changes and geolocation. We'll have instant access to the data, in its raw and analyzed forms, linked to an awareness of how people are using the insights they develop to change their behavior and improve their lives."

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