What Is Privacy by Design?

The Goal Is to Bake in Privacy From the Start

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Privacy by design is the practice of integrating privacy safeguards during the development phase. It is a philosophy of sorts that can be applied to anything that relates to personal information, such as the development of an organizational structure or the development of software and mobile applications. Rather than retrofitting technologies to respond to privacy rules or concerns, the goal of privacy by design is to incorporate privacy best practices, data security, and controls for users from the start.

Jessie Kernan, Chief Strategy Officer, North America at RAPP:

"As marketers become increasingly excited about data, it's their opportunity – and responsibility – to take the lead on the issue of consumer privacy to ensure digital marketing success over the long haul. Privacy by design should become both a mentality and a practice. Defining and adhering to standards for data collection, data storage and data use is part of it, but forward-thinking marketers will translate privacy and transparency best practices into new principles of design that actually enrich the experience and build deep consumer trust.

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