Bright Pink Launches Mobile Breast Cancer Effort

Women Can Sign Up for Regular Self-Exam Reminder Texts

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Nonprofit Bright Pink is betting it can wield cheeky text messages to raise awareness of breast cancer and cut detection times.

Bright Pink, which focuses on boosting awareness and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer, is teaming with mobile-marketing agency Vibes Media in an effort to get women to sign up for monthly text-messaged reminders to "take care of your girls" with self-exams.

The effort stems from research by Bright Pink that found women care about monitoring their breast health but rarely remember to do so. An earlier attempt at an e-mail reminder service was largely thwarted by the crush of messages that cluttered most recipients' mailboxes. "We tried e-mail, but you just get so many that it wasn't [effective]," says Lindsay Avner, a former Unilever executive who founded Bright Pink.

So Bright Pink enlisted Vibes, which has worked with such clients as Coca-Cola Co., Bon Jovi and the Pittsburgh Penguins, to help it reach out via text message.

Subscribers will likely get a chuckle -- as well as a reminder -- based on these sample messages:

  • I don't know about anybody else. But when I think about protecting myself, I touch myself. Visit 2 learn more. Text STOP 2quit.
  • Give your breasts some TLC and plan ahead! Women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam by a medical professional every 3 yrs.! Text STOP 2quit.
  • Take care of your girls by speaking up if you notice any changes in their look and feel and they'll be your BFFs (Breast Friends Forever). Text STOP 2quit.
  • Treasure your chest. Many changes are not cancer, but if you notice a breast change that lasts for more than 2 weeks, tell your doctor. Text STOP 2quit.
  • B.R.E.A.S.T – A life-saving acronym: Be Responsible Early And Squeeze Them! Early Detection/Prevention is the Best Protection. Text STOP 2quit.

Women interested in subscribing to the alerts should text PINK to 59227 or sign up at

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