EffectiveUI Develops 'Digital Bracelet' to Fight Famine

New Action Emblem Designed to Raise Awareness Quickly

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Looking to help drive awareness and fundraising for people suffering in the Horn of Africa, user experience agency EffectiveUI, Denver, this week introduced the Fight the Famine Action Emblem. EffectiveUI worked with 15 Million Elephants to create the emblem, which serves as a "digital bracelet" to support a cause.

The effort is part of the 50/50 Project, a campaign calling for digital agencies to create 50 projects in 50 days to raise 1 million British pounds, or roughly $1.6 million, for famine relief in East Africa. Funds raised with the emblems will go to UNICEF, which estimates that 13 million people in the area are at risk of starving to death while tens of thousands have already died.

"The cause is pretty compelling," says EffectiveUI co-founder and President Anthony Franco. "When it came to my attention, I thought, 'Wow, why don't more people know about this?' The whole goal of this is to raise awareness."

To do that , EffectiveUI and 15 Million Elephants, which develops technology to help nonprofits, built a simple application that can be easily downloaded and added to email signatures and Facebook posts. A mobile version is in development.

"The install had to be very easy," Franco says. "We built custom installers that were one-click installers into the most popular email clients or into your Facebook page. We're pretty happy with the initial launch."

Franco says he sees digital bracelet as a way for people to show they support the cause in their digital lives while giving nonprofits a new way to enhance online fundraising efforts through Facebook, email, blogs and websites.

"I set up a personal goal of getting 1 million Action Emblems out there," Franco says. "We're talking about raising awareness. That's what these folks do every day. Hopefully, we'll help them raise the money for UNICEF."

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