Finding a Way to Fight TB

Seiter & Miller Tackle Tuberculosis Awareness

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Ask the average American what TB is, and you're likely to get a lot of vague misinformation and no sense of urgency. "TB, that was stamped out in the 1800s, right?" Despite the relative success in controlling tuberculosis in the U.S., TB remains a major global epidemic that kills one person every 20 seconds, or almost 2 million people a year worldwide; 9 million more will become infected next year alone.

Yet it's so easy to control: A full course of antibiotics costs only $20.

With that in mind, Seiter & Miller Advertising, New York, working with the Stop TB Partnership, produced a pro bono effort to raise TB awareness. Comparing TB to deadly natural disasters, 15- and 30-second spots seek to empower viewers by letting them know that TB is a sickness they can help prevent. The spots conclude with a graphic that sums up the problem in four simple words: "Deadly. Contagious. Treatable. Stoppable." It also directs viewers to go to

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