Helping Smokers Learn New Habits

Legacy, Ad Council Team With EX on New Quit-Smoking Effort

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With tobacco-linked disease expected to kill 6 million people worldwide in the next year, Legacy and the Ad Council are partnering with EX, a quit-smoking effort, for a campaign to help smokers "re-learn" life without cigarettes.

The new campaign, created pro bono by GSD&M Idea City, includes TV, radio, outdoor, giveaways and social media designed to supplement the current EX campaign. EX, sponsored by the National Alliance for Tobacco Cessation, works to help the 43 million Americans who smoke to quit.

According to EX, 70% of U.S. smokers want to quit, but in 2000, only about 5% were successful in quitting long-term. This new effort is designed to enhance EX's "re-learn" efforts by providing some of the tools necessary to help smokers, including:

  • "Friends" and "Forklift" TV PSAs: The spots focus on making smokers think about the triggers that make them want to smoke and encourage them to "re-learn" those behaviors.
  • Man-on-the-street radio PSAs: For the radio effort, a person does interviews with smokers about what makes them smoke, then helps them find ways to "re-learn" life without cigarettes.
  • Posters: Posters will be displayed in restrooms in such locations as bars, restaurants and gyms to make people aware of the emotions that can trigger smoking.
  • Air fresheners: Smokers will be offered EX-branded car air fresheners to encourage them to "re-learn" driving without cigarettes.

In addition, EX plans to launch a quit-smoking iPhone app, available through iTunes, in March.

"This latest round of EX creative work gets to the heart of helping people save their own lives," said Duff Stewart, president-CEO of GSD&M Idea City, in announcing the effort. "Our partnership with Legacy is a great example of what we like to do best -- make a difference."

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