Providing Water for the Masses

Sullivan Higdon & Sink, Back Alley Target World's Water Woes

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Back Alley Films Director Pete Meyer has teamed up with Sullivan Higdon & Sink, Kansas City, Mo., to create a pro bono spot for the nonprofit Water Partners International. Spoofing the marketing of bottled water in the U.S., the 55-second spot for the fake brand L'Desh Fresh is designed to raise awareness about unsanitary drinking water in developing nations.

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The spot, shot by Andy Romero, freelance director of photography, shows a spokesmodel dressed in white sitting on a white sofa. "This is the water sought by millions," she says as she pours a glass of brown water from a L'Desh Fresh bottle. She tastes the water and immediately spits it back out. After pointing out the water's "arsenic-enhanced flavor and smooth urine undertones," the spot ends by saying, "There's nothing glamorous about dirty water," and urges viewers to donate $25 to Water Partners to provide "clean water for life to someone who needs it."

The spot for L'Desh Fresh runs in the L'Video window on the mock L'Desh Fresh website and has been posted on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.

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