Called2Create: Are You?

New Effort Seeks to Empower People Through Advertising

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Sky Sheridan
Sky Sheridan
Since being signed to Ford Models almost 10 years ago when I was only 18, friends, family, co-workers and strangers alike have asked me what it's like to be a model, as if it were a mysterious job. My response is always just as mysterious: "It's all smoke and mirrors."

Cooperating as its "face," it was the smoke-and-mirrors fallacy of the advertising industry that I was most concerned with. It seemed destructive to invest $250 billion a year on capturing and contouring the public's perception but not contribute anything in return. The industry's inauthentic approach of putting profit before people did not sit well with me.

So I created Called2Create based on my belief that people need to be empowered to know the truth and beauty of who they really are and what they are capable of, with or without products. I wanted advertising to benefit people so that in addition to buying products, they would be empowered by that advertising.

Called2Create's underlying philosophy is "Thoughts become things," and its motto is "Empowered ads, empowered lives." Currently, everyone interested in how advertising influences them is invited to sign up as C2C continues to expand and prepares to launch its first "season" this summer, aligning the advertising industry with its audience.

Each Called2Create season will run three months, producing a total of four campaigns a year. The campaigns will each be centered on an empowered theme (e.g., trust, acceptance, abundance) that the advertising community will be "called2create" by participating. These campaigns position the conscious community as the client for which advertising agencies have to compete.

Agencies (or artists) submit ideas for campaigns that center on advertising each season's theme. Members of Called2Create browse these ads, voting on the ones they like the most. Earning votes is done by shopping within aligned businesses (Empowered Alliances), one vote for each dollar. As the seasons unfold, a winning ad will emerge. Every campaign is designed to be interactive so that the C2C community remains involved, educated and, more important, empowered during the creation of, voting on and production of every ad.

Our intention is to act as a bridge linking the public, the products they purchase and the advertising industry that affects them, to empower people with the ability to shift the way we think, feel and believe about ourselves, each other and our world through the effect of advertising.

After being exposed to campaigns such as Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty"; movements such as Saatchi & Saatchi's Lovemarks, which sees a future beyond brands; and organizations like the Foundation for a Better Life, which promotes through its "Pass It On" campaign, Called2Create joins the advertising evolutionary mix. Creating messages that inspire, unite, educate and enlighten is the call of this movement. As paradigm pioneers, we are shifting our focus from products and profit to invest in the people and our planet.

Called2Create's newest campaign, "Seven Ways to Change Our World," joins our award-winning, inspirational commercial, "The Declaration of Empowerment," in gathering momentum and getting the message out. Acting as the initial exposure and giving C2C's mission depth, relevance and scope, these ads were created by a professional advertising team I put together. "Seven Ways" is currently breaking ground to inform the public how they can create one, and/or all of, the following in their daily lives: possibility, prosperity, empowerment, love, joy, beauty and connection. Inviting public participation, "Seven Ways" allows our audience to contribute content in the form of photos, videos, stories and quotes as well as sending e-cards.

During Called2Create's initial gestation, Arizona Tea Co., Interview Magazine and Lizzie Grubman PR have supported its growth. Additional opportunities are emerging with companies and brands such as Berkley Merchant (, Dove,, Prophet (, Saatchi & Saatchi, Smart Water, Vitamin Shoppe, Waleda International and Whole Foods Market as C2C positions itself with advertisers, individuals and the businesses they support. Leading companies focused on the fast-emerging motivational, inspirational, green and sustainability markets, such as Hay House, are among the first to respond and understand the importance of Called2Create's empowering mission.

Nothing is more fulfilling than feeling and seeing the potential of a new model of beauty emerging now -- one that builds beliefs based in joy that can't be bought or sold, lasts longer than any lifestyle or trend and invests in the only currency worth anything -- love.

The creative age is here: I'm Called2Create -- are you?

Sky Sheridan is the founder of Called2Create.
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