MTV's 'Made' Launching Anti-tobacco Tie-in

American Legacy Foundation Works With Series to Spread 'Truth' Message

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The American Legacy Foundation is working with MTV's "Made" to tie in its "Truth" antismoking campaign with the show. The five-week effort starts with the Oct. 3 episode of the series, which gives young adults the opportunity to make their dreams come true through dedication, hard work and assistance from MTV.

The "Made: The 'Truth' Rider Challenge" segments show the efforts of the truth crew as it works to help save lives by making the campaign's messages approachable and fun for teens who interact with the crew each summer in the truth zone.

The effort, made up of 10 mini-segments, will follow two former "Made" contestants, who are competing to become "truth Riders" -- members of the crew who travel to music and sporting events to educate young people about the health and social consequences of using tobacco. The two will be on a mission to educate people about "Big Tobacco's" marketing tactics while they learn about venue setup, fan interaction and public speaking.

The campaign was created by ALF media agency PHD.

"When your brand is called 'the truth,' you can't be anything less than 100% authentic in how, when and where you speak to your audience," says PHD Account Director Neil Capobianco. "The 'Made' tie-in gives us immediate authenticity with the truth's teenage target audience -- a group that is notoriously sensitive to any brand that tries to be something it's not--and provides a far more relevant, memorable -- and cost-effective -- context for the message than a straight commercial platform can deliver."

MTV and truth have worked together before, most recently on a spoof of MTV's reality-contest show, "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island." The mini-program, called "The Blaze," mimicked "The Island" while illustrating the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry and the dangers of tobacco use.

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