Setting up a PSA Clearinghouse for Digital Sign Networks

MediaTile to Create Central Library for Ad Council Spots

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The Ad Council is teaming up with MediaTile Co. to make its public service announcements easily available to digital signage networks in a program called PSA Casting, set to be launched this fall.

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For the project, announced today at the Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas, MediaTile, a Silicon Valley-based provider of cellular digital signage solutions, will create a clearinghouse to provide free access to the Ad Council's PSAs for digital signage networks. After registering with PSA Casting, networks will be able to choose the PSAs, in a variety of common formats that best suit their particular audiences.

"The challenge the Ad Council was facing was they wanted to extend their message beyond traditional media to the fifth screen, the digital signage out there," says Simon Wilson, CEO of MediaTile. "[It's] logistically complicated to reach out efficiently. What we saw was an opportunity to create a central clearinghouse to reach out to all the operators."

"MediaTile approached the Ad Council with an opportunity to efficiently increase our reach out onto digital signage boards," says Dena Graham, director of national accounts, media. "They are giving us the opportunity to reach out to this really fast-growing medium efficiently. We think it will truly broaden the reach of all our messages."

As part of its pro bono work, MediaTile will use its Web-based Mediacast content delivery and management system both to host and provide PSAs to digital signage networks of all types on demand, regardless of their underlying technology platforms. Its new Mediaservices organization will format PSAs into digital signage-compatible file formats.

According to Mr. Wilson, there are thousands of digital signage networks, with the number of screens expected to grow substantially through 2012.

"Some aren't very visible," he says. "Some are within organizations. Many are in public places—malls, retail outlets. These are becoming so pervasive because of the power of the medium. These networks are everywhere."

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