Tweeting for Toilets

Skadaddle Media Partners With Nonprofit to Ask People to 'Twitter for Sh-tters'

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Working with nonprofit Wherever the Need, Skadaddle Media has launched a social-media effort, Twitter for Sh-tters, to raise awareness and money to build eco-sanitation toilets in the poorest regions of the world.

The Twitter campaign asks people to tweet on behalf of Twitter for Sh-tters, inviting followers to donate to Wherever the Need. These Twitter users, called "Daily Dumpers," can tweet on everything from "potty humor to simply just talking shit," according to Skadaddle.

Wherever the Need is working to alleviate poverty and disease by building environmentally sound sanitation and water solutions in countries such as India, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 2.5 million people don't have adequate toilet facilities and must resort to open defecation, a practice that spreads disease; about 5,000 children die every day as a direct result.

"With thousands of worthy causes, perhaps all of which are admittedly sexier and more approachable than sanitation, we felt it was important to create a grass-roots communications initiative for Wherever the Need that addresses the issue in a bold manner," said Todd Lieman, founder and co-president of Skadaddle, a creative marketing studio based in Sausalito, Calif., in announcing the program. "Our strategy is not to tug on heartstrings or create guilt for what we have. Instead, the campaign uses a straightforward approach that challenges individuals, corporations and even governments to quite literally step in it and -- pardon the expression -- give a shit."

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