Working to Fix 'Broken Teens'

MADD Chapter Focuses Effort on Drinking and Brain Development

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The New Mexico chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been working to make teens aware of alcohol's harmful affects on brain development.

The effort, "Broken Teens," was created by Esparza Advertising, Albuquerque, and shows teens breaking bottles over their own heads. The message is that drinking can cause permanent brain damage to teens' developing brains.

Esparza first created posters to be placed in schools throughout New Mexico, working with Realfake, a creative retouching company, and the Wade Brothers to shoot the images. Next, it expanded the idea to video, working with production company Back Alley Films, its sibling post-production company T2 and Bazillion for the musical theme.

The posters were rolled out starting last August, with the slow-motion spots running in Albuquerque area movie theaters starting over the December holiday season.

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"Since we've launched the "Broken Teens" campaign in schools and local movie theaters, MADD New Mexico has received positive feedback from parents and kids alike, which is a rare feat for a public service message," says Hector Martinez Jr., youth programs coordinator for MADD New Mexico. "For the movie theater spot, we've also seen dramatic spikes in site traffic to during weekend days, which are also the days that typically have the most people going to the movies.

"MADD often shares campaigns across states and, since this brain development message is part of a national push by MADD, we're also looking at opportunities to expand the campaign into other markets throughout the country," Mr. Martinez says.

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