Grand Prize Retrospective

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Grand Clio Winners 1994- 2003

2003 TV/Cinema Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami IKEA "Lamp"

2002 Print BMP DDB, London Harvey Nichols Winter Sale "Neck; Stomach; Shin"

2001 TV/Cinema W/Brasil, Sao Paulo, Revista E'Poca "The Week"

Print BMP DDB, London, Volkswagen Beetle "Fun Fur; Snakes & Ladders; Desperate Dan"

2000 TV/Cinema DDB Chicago: Budweiser, "Whassup True"

Print DDB, Paris Lupo By Volkswagen "The Pot of Brushes; The Lighter; The Storm Lantern"

1999 TV/Cinema Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York, "Cannon; Band; Forehead"

1998 TV/Cinema Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York, Fox Network "Billiards; Bowling; Golf"

Print Leo Burnett, London, Mercedes-Benz SLK "Skidmarks"

1997 TV/Cinema Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston, John Hancock Financial Services "Triple Squeeze; Shepherds; Subway; Alone; Outlive Us"

Print Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand, Auckland, Humane Society Of New Zealand, "Every Dog Has Its Day; Death Row"

1996 TV/Cinema Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London Levi 501's "Drugstore"

Print Knight Leach Delaney, London, Mates Condom, "Coathanger; Clothes; Mondrian";

1995 TV/Cinema BBDO West, Los Angeles, Pioneer Auto CD, "Bridge"

Print Bassat Ogilvy & Mather, Barcelona, Levi's 501 Jeans "Brains; Punching Ball; Whale"

1994 TV/Cinema Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco,California Milk Board, "Aaron Burr"; Print: DM9 Publicidad, Sao Paulo, Banco de Olhos, "Oceans; Mountains; Rivers; Horizons"

One Show Best of Show 1990-2003

2003 Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami MINI, MINI Integrated Branding

2002 Fallon/Minneapolis BMW North America The Hire - "Star," "Powderkeg," "Ambush," "The Follow," "The Chosen"

2001 Cliff Freeman & Partners/New York Fox Sports "New York," "San Antonio," "LA"

2000 Fallon McElligott/New York Fox/Liberty Network "Anthem," "Lawyer," "Reporter"

1999 Cliff Freeman & Partners/New York Fox "Feet," "Kids," "Old Man"

1998 BMP DDB/London Volkswagen Group UK "Chair," "Hiccups," "Lamppost"

1997 Grey Advertising/Melbourne Transport Accident Commission "Bush Telegraph," "Lennon's Christmas," "Gravel Truck"

1996 Wieden & Kennedy/Portland Nike "If You Let Me Play"

1995 Wieden & Kennedy/Portland Nike "The Wall"

1994 Hoffman/Lewis/San FranciscoSpectrum Foods/Prego Restaurant "Paulo, Francesca, Carlo & Maria"

1993 Streetsmart Advertising/New York Coalition for the Homeless "New York, New York"

1992 Saatchi & Saatchi/London British Airways "Cinema"

1991 GGK/London Electricity Association "Creature Comforts"

1990 Wieden & Kennedy/Portland Nike "Bo Knows"

Addy Best of Show 1996-2003

2003 Broadcast DeVito/Verdi of New York City for their "Dinner Date, Guy's Night Out, Mall" radio commercials for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association

Print Bozell of New York City, for "Play Card, Flag, Guggenheim, Burka" campaign for The New York Times

2002 Broadcast: BBDO New York for "Cheerleader" commercial for Frito Lay's Doritos Extreme

Print GSD&M Advertising of Austin, Texas, for "Wilks, Louvre, Nations Collide" for Land Rover of North America.

2001 Broadcast: Cliff Freeman and Partners for Fox Sports campaign

Print Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Nike consumer magazine campaign

2000 Broadcast: Young and Rubicam, Chicago, for a commercial for H&R Block

Print Leo Burnett USA for an Altoids ad for Kraft Foods, Inc

1999 Broadcast: Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York for radio campaign for Hollywood Video

Print Black Rocket, San Francisco for campaign to promote Wired magazine

1998 Broadcast: Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York for Fox Television Network

Print Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York for Sauza Conmemorativo tequila

1997 Broadcast: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland OR for "Kid/Trades/Security" for ESPN

Print Hunt Adkins of Minneapolis, MN for "Black Liquid" for Rohol

1996 Broadcast: Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York NY for "Fly Fishing, Music, Pets" for Prodigy

Print Wieden & Kennedy, Portland OR for "Track & Field: Pole Vault/Long Jump/Sprinter" for Nike

the andys - grandy Winners 1995- 2003

2003 Arnold Worldwide, Boston Volkswagen "Squares

2002 Leo Burnett London Heinz Microwaveable Soup television spot "Quick"

2001 DDB Chicago Anheuser-Busch "Whassup True/Whassup Pizza Guy/Whassup Wasabi"

2000 DDB Chicago Anheuser-Busch Bowling/Driving Range/Foam Finger/Footlong Hot Dog Inventor/Garden Gnome/Pro Wrestling/Supermarket Deli Meat Slicer"

1999 Arnold Worldwide, Boston "Less Flower/Dream//Digitally remastered/Beetle 2.0/UFO/Past life/Soul/Heart/0-60/Toy car"

1998 WongDoody, Seattle Seattle Sonics television campaign titled "Sam/Nate/Gary"

1997 BBDO West & Radio Savant The Solaris Group radio spot titled "Sole Contribution/Instant Death"

1996 Cliff Freeman + Partners, NY Prodigy television campaign titled "Pets/Music/Fly Fishing"

1995 Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam Nike television titled "The Wall"

(The Grandy was instituted in 1995)

Cannes Grand Prix Winners 1993-2003

2003 Film Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, Ikea "Lamp"

Press/Outdoor TBWA Paris, Sony PS2,"Rebirth"; Outdoor: Grey Worldwide, Auckland NZ, Bug Bomb

2002 Film Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Nike "Tag"

Press/Outdoor Saatchi & Saatchi, London, Club 18-30; Outdoor: Leo Burnett Oslo, Oslo Piercing Studio

2001 Film Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York Fox Sports "India/China/Turkey"

Press/Outdoor Paradiset DDB Stockholm, Diesel

2000 Film DDB Chicago, Budweiser, "Whassup"

Press/Outdoor Lowe Lintas London, Stella Artois

1999 Film Lowe Howard Spink, London, The Independent Newspaper "Litany"

Press/Outdoor TBWA London, Sony Playstation

1998 Film Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, Nike

Press/Outdoor Arnold Communications, Boston, Volkswagen Beetle

1997 Film Paradiset DDB Stockholm, Diesel "Little Rock/5am Mono Village"

Press Leo Burnett, London, Mercedes

1996 Film Ammirati Puris Lintas Amsterdam, Rolo "Elephant"

Press Dentsu Young & Rubicam, Tokyo, Volvo

1995 Film No Grand Prix awarded. Special jury prize to Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO

Press/Outdoor No Grand Prix awarded

1994 Film: Bozell North, Jeep Grand Cherokee "Snow Covered"

Press/Outdoor Andromeda, Sydney, Kadu Clothing

1993 Film Hakuhodo, Japan, Nissin Cup Noodles

Press/Outdoor McCann Erickson Italy, Levi's

Kelly Grand Prize winners 1994-2003

2003 Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami MINI Launch Campaign

2002 Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis Harley-Davidson Brand Campaign

2001 Wieden & Kennedy Portland Alta VistaAlta Vista launch

2000 Arnold Communications, Inc. Boston, MA Volkswagen of America, Inc. New Beetle

1999 Leo Burnett, Chicago Altoids The Curiously Strong Mints

1998 Hal Riney & Partners, San Francisco GMEV1 / Saturn

1997 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Porsche Cars North America

1996 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco Norwegian Cruise Line

1995 Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis Schwinn

1994 Wieden & Kennedy, Portland Nike, Inc. Women's Fitness

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