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Are you cool? Do you feel cool? Do you dress, dance, talk or eat cool? Does your work look cool? Oh, dear, if not, we hope you have a second career on hold, for cool is the word. And its settled as a definitive, modern-day rule, one that will skyrocket your ego into Cool Heaven or send it straight down to burn in the flames of Mediocrity Hell. Of course, there's always a help-line. There will always be trendy pierced friends to give you free tips on how to become cooler. And in the absence of those, there are the coolhunters, witty design blogs, fashion shows, off-the-beaten-track clubs and weirdly formatted magazines that will serve as a GPS for the not-so-cool.

We gathered in our garden (yes, the agency has a garden, isn't that soooo damn cool?) to share the cool links we were supposed to send to Creativity, and in less than five minutes there was a consensus, a kind of unanimous voice, saying we are fed up with this "cool" stuff, the world doesn't need another coolhunter.

We listened to the voice and decided we would stand up and defend the uncoolness of mankind. For Man, this weird naked ape, is incredibly uncool. We snore. We have bad breath in the morning. We have beer bellies.

We fart and burp, even if in silence. We, if caught by surprise, will smile at Anne Geddes' babies pictures. Therefore we are uncool. Uncool is natural. Cool is an armor we put on everyday in order to survive the 21st century, so we can feed our families and guarantee the survival of the species.

Having said that, here goes. A series of very uncool links and sites that, we hope, will connect you with your inner, primitive self. Starting with UnCoolHunters, our brand new heroes. And after that, some really uncool stuff that helped trigger our epiphany.

Free yourselves, brothers and sisters from the advertising world. Find the true being beneath your coolness. Be uncool.

Everybody has uncool days in a lifetime.

The title up there is a reference to a Miles Davis album (ok, there are exceptions, Miles Davis is cool). So here we go with some album covers. Loudly uncool.

Drinking and driving is not uncool, it is stupid. But this video, wow, holy God.

Prince Charles would love it. And we have to agree that he is definitely not among the coolest personalities in the universe.


Don't try this at home.

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