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For the first installation of our recurring Guest Editor feature—in which we enlist a creative group to send along a few items of recent interest, Buenos Aires' finest Santo have culled some favorites. Stay tuned for similar batches of fun from the Barbarian Group and Creative Social. Hi, it's fun to be doing this Guest Editor section. Thank you for asking.
Our selection includes:
a) Truly interesting stuff that we've seen recently
b) Silly stuff we've done or found
c) Argentinian stuff that could be interesting for your international eyes
Hope you enjoy it!

1) The Stephen Hawking Flip-book

Just a silly book we've made, for which we'll surely burn in hell.

2) Patti Billboard
This man, called Luis Patti, used to work for the police during the military government in Argentina. He's been accused of having tortured and tormented many people during that period. He's a right wing SOB, this guy.
During the latest elections for governor of the province of Buenos Aires, he ran as a candidate (fortunately he came out fifth). This picture, taken by creative director Pablo Minces, has no retouching whatsoever. The way the light hit the billboard at that time of the day, seemed like God delivering a message to the population.

3) Tetris Building

We don't know if this was done for real or not, but we like to believe it was. And we enjoy the trouble these guys went through, just for a few minutes of fun.

4) Jeff Tech
Somehow we came across this website for this school. It's got the weirdest, funniest collection of faces we've ever seen together in one place.

5) Larry Lessig's TED talk

Simply really interesting.

6) Juanjo Saez Advertising cartoon
This is a cartoon by spanish artist Juanjo Saez.
It says: A typical Pyrenees landscape.
Billboard: "Buy something"
Man: "Son of a bitch"
Caption: Let's admit it's impossible to get rid of advertising.

7) Boca Juniors coming out to the pitch

All sports fans will enjoy this. In Argentina, the two contending football teams walk out onto the pitch separately, so each team is received by their fans with cheers. The Argentinian fan is famous for its passion, and the Boca Juniors fans, are especially passionate. Here's how Boca was received before a derby against bitter rivals River Plate.

8) Matt Furie
This is one of Luigi Ghidotti's favorite images. "It gives me goosebumps every time I look at it," says the wuss. But yeah, Matt is a great illustrator.

9) Jesus Dress Up
You don't like Jesus' loincloth? Give him some new clothes with this site.

10) Great Argentinian Directors
Finally, check out the work of these great Argentinian directors. They're top notch. And very nice people.

Andy Fogwill

Luciano Podcaminsky
Armando Bo

Claudio Prestia

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