Guest Review: Kris Kiger and Taras Wayner

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Taras Wayner (left) and Kris Kiger
Taras Wayner (left) and Kris Kiger
1. AUGMENTED REALITY: Subway Map iPhone 3GS app from acrossair

When augmented reality was introduced, it created a lot of buzz but also felt a bit like a gimmick. Now we're starting to see the technology's true potential as it becomes useful. This app shows how augmented reality can be functional and help you not get lost in the NYC subway system. This also shows that this technology will soon become second nature and will be part of our lives for a long time.


When it comes to music videos, so much has been done. That's why when something like this comes along, you appreciate it that much more. We love this video. It uses basic concepts and some of the great tricks you'd see used way back in the day, but what makes it so current is the use of simple webcam technologies to bring it to life. The timing and coordination make what they pulled off look easy, and it's impossible to look away. Not much more to say other than we've watched it and shared it many times. (For more, Creativity talked to BBH, New York creatives Masa Kawamura and Hal Kirkland about the project.)

3. CHALKBOT: Interactive Street Chalk at the Tour de France

Great idea. Great piece of technology that quickly makes you forget about how it works and makes you think about what message you'd want it to write. It's the right medium for the audience. Who wouldn't want to get involved? We're drawn to the bigness of it. Truly a perfect thing to come from Nike. It shows how the line "Just Do It" can apply to technology.


OK, we think people will bash this for being too much like Skittles and Starburst, but it takes a particular touch to make something like this great. People have tried doing this style of advertising many times, and if the casting, delivery, and direction aren't perfect, it fails. But this doesn't. When we saw that Graf, Kelleher, and Kuntz were involved, we knew the team didn't just get lucky.

More important than us liking it, Taras' kids and their friends love the spot, which is probably a bad thing because he doesn't want them eating that crap.


This site puts you at the center of something that happened decades ago. We like how it pauses and gives you a chance to dive deeper into real photos and video. It gives you a ton of information about what happened, but even better, it doesn't make you wade through it all. It's nice how they tried to simulate the timing of the launch. Moments waiting for what was next to happen, with no particular rush to get to the end, created anticipation and excitement. We also appreciated the execution and attention to craft. It makes us wonder if these were the guys who faked the original launch and moonwalk.


QR codes are a great portal into additional information about a brand or subject. We're starting to see more and more on everything from ads to art galleries. The problem is, the majority of people still don't know what they are, let alone what to do with them. But, projects like this one will hopefully change that. It's impossible not to notice this wonderful marriage of art and technology.

7. ODOPOD: Sketch

When we first saw the examples of the art on the homepage, we said, "No way did they create that on the site." Then we started to play around with it and couldn't stop. It's amazing how it captures actual sketching. And, we loved watching it redraw the pieces of art. Another nice thing about the site that has to be mentioned is how it's simply presented. It gets out of the way and just let's you draw.


The bleeding billboard is definitely something we had never seen before. And, not sure it's something people should see when they're driving...especially when it's raining. Where this goes wrong is not the fact that it will distract you from the road, it's that the concept is stuck in the past. Remember the "PSA shock" ads from the '90s, like the one against drunk driving? It featured a crashed car with a body bag in front of it and the line, "One for the road." Or "This is your brain on drugs." The public has developed a high-level tolerance to this type of advertising. So, what is meant to be a serious message quickly becomes a punchline.

Maybe it could be re-purposed for the Catholic Church with Jesus' hands bleeding. Now that would be funny.
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