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Back to the future: The return of contextual advertising
By GumGum.
Illustration by Francesco Zorzi.

The world has gotten wise to the automated tricks of online advertising, and that means businesses have to get personal to earn the trust of consumers. Improved technology and the passage of privacy laws like the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) make contextual advertising the popular choice for brands around the world.

According to GumGum's new report, "Contextual Advertising: The New Frontier," contextual advertising is gaining ground from other kinds of audience targeting. The report, which is based on a survey conducted by YouGov, found that almost half of all U.S. businesses rely on contextual targeting methods, and nearly one third of UK businesses use it.

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One reason for this popularity is simple: It helps brands associate with higher-quality content, which builds trust and loyalty with consumers. And to help create and protect brand images and brand safety, new AI technological tools such as computer vision (aka image recognition) have made it possible to see the full context of what internet users see on a page, which opens up advertising opportunities on sites that highlight a product, brand, or topic through an image or gallery rather than text.

These are just a few of the changes that are already being implemented, and more innovations will be keep coming. Businesses are adding contextual advertising to their mix of strategies, and it's been paying off. There is already plenty of evidence that customers respond well to this approach. Privacy and information security are only going to become more important, so the time to get creative about contextual advertising is now.

Download the report for further insight into how context has become the new paradigm in advertising.

Click here to download the report
Founded in 2008 in Santa Monica, California, GumGum is a company dedicated to teaching machines to see in order to solve hard problems. Our proprietary computer vision technology uncovers key contextual information from text and image content on premium publishers all over the world. By unlocking this hidden value, we enable advertisers to deliver highly relevant messages to their most valuable consumers. And with our highly visible, deeply engaging ad units, we make sure every customer enjoys the quality user experience they deserve. Together, the GumGum advertising suite has all the integrated options you need for an effective digital marketing strategy.
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