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PJ Pereira

When Pereira O'Dell co-founder PJ Pereira steps away from creative directing and running his agency, it's to explore one of his passions since childhood, painting. Over the last several years, his biggest muse has been the mythology and folklore of African deities. The work shown here "is part of a series called 'Ghelede, the faces god,' featuring masks inspired by African-Brazilian culture, each representing a different deity," he says.

"According to the African Brazilian tradition, each deity (or 'saint' as they are called in Brazil) represents a different force of nature, and every single person on the planet is a 'son' or a 'daughter' of one of them. These particular five stand for different things: Eshu is change. Shango is justice. Oshosi is prosperity. Ogum is technology. And finally Ewa is... creativity." Hearts & Minds will be the first time these five paintings, from Pereira's private collection, will be presented together. (They have been part of other exhibitions separately).

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The Art Directors Club
106 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

Thursday, September 25
4:00 PM

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