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I am a subscriber of Ad Age, do I also get Membership benefits?

Yes. All Ad Age subscribers become Members of Ad Age and are eligible to receive additional benefits based on their Membership level. You can learn about Membership at or by contacting customer service department at [email protected] or calling (877) 320–1721. You can also contact us via fax at (313) 446-6777 or mail Advertising Age, 1155 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207-2912.

How do I become a member, renew my membership, or find the status on my existing membership?

To become a member just go to or contact customer service at [email protected] or by phone at (877) 320–1721. You can also contact us via fax at (313) 446-6777 or mail Advertising Age, 1155 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207-2912.

If you are registered on Ad Age you can check your purchasing and membership status on your My Profile Page. Just look for the My Profile Page on

If you are not registered, please do so, and you will easily be able to view your purchase history and membership status.

How much does Membership cost?

You can choose between any one of these three Membership programs, which includes a subscription to Ad Age in print,,, digital editions, access to Ad Age app for Smartphone and Ad Age App for iPad + additional benefits. Your options include:

Basic Member: $109 1 year/ $174 for 2 years

Premier Member: $189 1 year/$302 for 2 years

Premier Plus: $329 1 year/$526 for 2 years

Can I pay separately for Membership?

Membership is included in your subscription cost. There is no separate price or additional cost for membership.

Change your mailing address

Please contact us at [email protected] or by calling (877) 320-1721. If possible, please have your customer number handy, which can be found on the mailing label of your magazine.

How do I sign up for the newsletters? Are they free?

Yes, all 9 newsletters are free. Visit

How much of the content of Ad Age is free?

Visitors can click on three items within Ad Age and before you are prompted to register. You can read up to 7 full items per month on, which includes content on Creativity-online.

Are Group or International Memberships available?

Group and international membership options are also available. For inquiries, please see below:

Group Members: Please visit, email us at [email protected], or call us at (800) 669-6562 to get volume discounts on any Membership level package.

International Members: Please visit for pricing for Canada & Mexico and the Rest of the World.

I'm trying to purchase a Membership but am having trouble, what can I do?

Call our customer service department at (877) 320-1721, or email us at [email protected]

Pay an Invoice

If you receive a notice from us after you have paid, it is likely due to correspondence crossing in the mail. However, if you receive a second notice after you have paid, contact us and include a copy of both sides of your canceled check.

Delivery Problems

If you experience delivery problems with your print edition, contact us by e-mail or phone at 1-877-320-1721.

Subscribers Outside the U.S.

E-mail or call: 1 (313) 446-0450.

Fax: 1 (313) 446-6777.

The Ad Age Group
Subscriber Services
1155 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI 48207-2912

Mailing Lists

Ad Age makes subscriber names available to companies who have carefully screened products we feel may interest you. To inquire about list rental, call Gerard Petrocelli at Reach Marketing LLC. He can be reached at (845) 201-5319 or via email, [email protected].

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