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NEW YORK ( -- The only thing growing at a more explosive rate these days than the U.S. Hispanic population is perhaps the interest that marketers, media companies and


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agencies have in tapping into this highly desirable market. Advertising Age has assembled a top-line look at this market, in its first-ever Hispanic Fact Pack that can be downloaded at left. Its pages offer valuable, hard-to-find data about demographic trends, marketer spending, Hispanic media and leading Hispanic agencies.

$3.4 billion
Annual measured spending on Hispanic media already reaches $3.4 billion as more marketers enter this hot space for the first time, add new brands and increase existing budgets. There is an explosive array of media choices, including new cable channels and newspaper launches in the under-served Hispanic print market. Forecasts call for 15% revenue growth in 2004 for Spanish-language TV alone.

There are 40 million U.S. Hispanics, representing about 13% of the population. And they are a diverse group. One in three are under 18. Two in five are foreign-born. Two-thirds are of Mexican descent. Over half watch English-language TV. Sixteen million are eligible to vote. Their purchasing power is a stunning $581 billion.

Ad budget increases
In 2003, advertisers allocated 5.2% of their budgets to the Hispanic market, according to a study by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies. The two biggest ad categories, for both the Hispanic and the general market, are package goods and automobiles. Marketers of pharmaceuticals and financial services have been slower to target Latinos, spending just 0.9% and 2.1% of their budgets, respectively, on Hispanic media, according to a recent study.

Still, marketing to Hispanics is by far the most active multicultural effort, and Hispanic agency revenue growth outpaces that of traditional agencies. In a recent study by the Association of National Advertisers' multicultural marketing committee, 70% of respondents said they market to Hispanics, compared to 59% for African- Americans and 27% for Asian-Americans.

This Hispanic Fact Pack includes a ranking of leading advertisers in the market and a snapshot of the Hispanic media world, including the most popular TV shows for Latino audiences and a ranking of the top Hispanic ad agencies.


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