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California Milk Processor Board's 'Toma Leche?'

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Title: "Dreams," "Laughs"
Marketer: California Milk Processor Board
Agency: Groupo Gallegos, Long Beach, Calif.

Hispanic shop Grupo Gallegos is inventing more places in the world of "Toma Leche?" ("Got Milk?"). In one town, everyone sleeps so well after drinking milk before bed that all their wishes and dreams, however unlikely, come true as they slumber deeply. In another spot, called "Law of Gravity," people living in a land of weightlessness, where accidents happen a lot, drink milk to fortify their bones for those odd mishaps.

The 2007 campaign for the California Milk Processor Board, breaking this month, continues last year's change in direction after the board switched agencies and dropped a bland, long-running Hispanic campaign with the theme "Family, Love and Home."

The quirky commercials from Grupo Gallegos started running last year and quickly halted a five-year decline in milk sales to Hispanics. Milk sales grew 3.7% the first month after the campaign broke last year.
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