$1 Million Effort Said to Be Largest Ever for Presidential Campaign

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WASHINGTON ( -- In what it says is the largest Hispanic advertising buy ever made in a U.S. presidential race, the Kerry-Edwards campaign is spending $1 million for a 10-state TV, radio and print campaign.

The new ads launch today with a spot called "Honor" and are expected to run through the Democratic convention, which starts July 26. The ads were created by Chambers Lopez & Gaitan, Arlington, Va.

The ads are running in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

In a statement, campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill said the new advertising tactic underscores how important the Hispanic demographic has become for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's efforts in what promises to be tight presidential race.

"The Hispanic community will make a critical difference," Aida Alvarez, a former administrator of the Small Business Administration and a part of the campaign's Hispanic activities, said during a news conference this afternoon. She said the Hispanic numbers "will determine who will be in the White House."

The Bush-Cheney campaign is also targeting advertising at Hispanic voters.

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