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"No Seas Normal" | Virgin Mobile
Client: Virgin Mobile
Title: No Seas Normal
Agency: La Comunidad, Miami
The bizarre tale of truly odd people who are reassured that they are normal because they share the same unsatisfactory cellphone service as everyone else, leading to Virgin Mobile's "Don't be normal" call to action, had everything. TV and radio ads, online video, virals and e-cards, and even "I'm not normal" T-shirts and bumper stickers were all consistent in the message, and consistently entertaining.
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"Together" | Wendy's
Client: Wendy's
Title: Together
Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York
Vidal cleverly created a fake social movement against mediocre food. A TV, radio and web campaign gathered a fictitious group of actors and singers in a "We are the World"-style reunion. The movement had a movie video, a manifesto and a solution to the evils of mediocre food: Wendy's classic double hamburger. The website ("notomediocrefood") drew 95,115 unique visitors, who spent almost 6 minutes each on the site.
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