Study Reveals Habits of Hispanic Internet Users

What Respondents Said About Video Ads, Ethnic Traditions, Technology

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NEW YORK ( -- A groundbreaking study of online U.S. Hispanics done by ComScore for Terra Networks USA in February looked at everything from ethnic pride to video advertising.

Source: ComScore
The survey included 3,513 Hispanics ages 12 and older and was conducted entirely online to avoid missing the 76% of Hispanics who consider cellphones rather than landlines their primary phones.

A few highlights:

Asked about ethnic traditions, 18% of respondents said they keep all or most, 40% keep "some" and 30% "a few"; just 13% said they keep no ethnic traditions. The correlation was strongest with language: 44% of respondents who speak Spanish at home keep most traditions, compared with 6% of those who speak only English.

Spanish-speaking Hispanics and those who scored highly on "Latin-heritage" attributes such as keeping ethnic traditions were more likely than predominantly English-speaking Hispanics to say they are among the first to buy new gadgets and influence friends' and family members' purchases.

"Ethnic pride can be used to tailor marketing messages based on cultural identity," said Mark Lopez, chief operating officer of Terra Networks USA.

Be aware, though: Just 13% of U.S.-born and 22% of foreign-born Hispanics surveyed said they are more likely to respond to ads targeted to Hispanics.

Comparing video advertising viewed online to other media, just 15% of U.S.-born and 17% of foreign-born Hispanics said they pay more attention to online video ads than TV spots, and 17% and 26%, respectively, find them more engaging than TV ads.

There is no official measurement of the size of the U.S. Hispanic online market, but Mr. Lopez estimates display advertising may be about $140 million.
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