Ten U.S. Hispanic Shops Win Prizes at Wave Festival in Rio

Blue Wave for Best Campaign Goes to Volkswagen's

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Ten U.S. Hispanic agencies won 24 trophies at the Wave Festival for Latin America this week in Rio de Janeiro. One particularly popular ad was Grupo Gallegos' TV spot "Brave" for the California Milk Processor Board, which won four Film and Film Craft awards, including the only gold for a U.S. Hispanic shop.

Independent agency Grupo Gallegos, who conceived the long-running Spanish "Toma Leche" tagline, teamed up with its milk client's other agency, "Got Milk" creator Goodbye, Silverstein & Partners, on a campaign to address the entire California market, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic. Grupo Gallegos' spot focuses on a young man recalling his childhood as he takes a snack break (with milk) at work. When he was afraid to go to bed at night, his mother encouraged him to think of brave people. He thinks of fire fighters, and that's what he turns out to be now that he's all grown up. The spot ends with the line "What you say with a glass of milk lasts forever."

Another favorite was the Converse work "Donate Your Shadow" done by Miami-based the Community (formerly La Comunidad). It won two Direct silver awards and an Outdoor bronze. The idea was to add color to the giant gray city Sao Paulo, where outdoor ads are banned, by getting people to donate their own shadows so graffiti artists could turn the outline of their bodies into colorful street art.

Omnicom Group's Alma won seven awards for six brands, including three from Clorox Co. A silver went to Liquid Plumr radio spot "Hello" highlighting pipes so clear you can connect with the other side of the world, as a disembodied voice coming from Japan makes clear.

Two environmentally-friendly efforts from Alma that won Green Wave bronzes followed up earlier popular campaigns. If you remember the Glad Tent, when Alma and Glad targeted SXSW attendees with the innovative recycling idea of trash bags that double as tents, you'll like Glad's followup "Picnic Blanket" to raise awareness about keeping parks clean by offering people a blanket to use for picnics that afterward turns into a trash bag to dispose of their rubbish. For Clorox's Greenworks household cleaners, Alma followed up last year's adorable animals in danger of disappearing in a plastic waste-choked ocean with a new campaign featuring animals that have natural stain-like markings such as pandas with dark circles under their eyes and spotted frogs. The message was that some stains aren't meant to disappear.

In a similar effort, independent Lopez Negrete Communications won a Design bronze for "Iceberg" posters showing beautiful landscapes shrouded in plastic to illlustrate how client Walmart's Great Value Terra Biodegradable Bags are an ecologically-friendly alternative to those plastic bags.

Alma also picked up a Cyber silver award for creating an alternative to impersonal stock music options for ad agencies with "Street Music Library." The agency invited street musicians to record their work for the first time in a professional studio. Their songs were uploaded, and agencies are invited to buy music with personality—and help these musicians receive royalties.

Wing, Grey's U.S. Hispanic agency, looked to technology for its three trophies. In a Mobile silver winner, Wing helped comic strip creator Ximo develop "AppStrip by Ximo," a row of four apps available free on Google Play that deliver a new comic strip every day to the user, who can also use it to buy Ximo's graphic novel; the app drove sales up by 400%.

In a Film silver for PickUpMyDonation.com, Wing helps people with unwanted gifts figure out how to easily donate them. The stories of a board game and other objects are told through the voices of the unwanted items that long to be part of someone's life and make them happy. The agency also won a Cyber bronze for "Removal Happens," using the familiar message people see when a YouTube video is taken down. Except this time the videos removed are the supposed wedding videos of formerly happy famous couples, and the campaign is for a divorce attorney, the Law Offices of Esteban Gergely.

And it wouldn't be an awards show without a spot from Saatchi & Saatchi's Conill for the Argentina New Cinema Film Festival, weaving the importance of films into a guy's daily life. In this one, a Film silver winner, a man who shows no interest in becoming a father is transformed when he names his son and gets to says the famous words "Luke, I am your father."

With a Direct bronze winner, independent shop Zubi Advertising reminds us why the World Cup was such fun, with "Camisetron," a project for Ford Motor Co. that let fans with divided loyalties, like many U.S. Hispanics, create a multicultural soccer jersey representing up to three countries.

Leo Burnett's Lapiz won a Radio bronze for Purina and a Cyber bronze for Allstate; LatinWorks picked up a Radio bronze for Wrigley's "Emoji"; and Richards/Lerma + Furia World got a Design bronze for "Nike Skateboard."

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This year the Blue Wave award for the festival's best work went to Sao Paulo agency Almap BBDO for "Last Wishes," a celebratory send-off of Volkswagen's Kombi in Brazil, the last country to produce the bus. The campaign started with the ad "Unintroducing." announcing the impending end of production and inviting people to share their stories about the car.

Almap used the stories that poured in to create the car's "will," a collection of bequests delivered across the world, in web stories and a short film narrated by the Kombi itself in a woman's voice. So the French couple who drove their Kombi around the world get the odometer, and Roland, who ran an Italian restaurant out of his Kombi, is bequeathed Kombi-shaped ravioli cutters. The film ends with the Kombi trundling along to make one last poignant visit, to the son of the man who designed the Kombi, who she considers to be, "technically speaking, my brother."

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