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"I've spent my life seeking order and creating chaos"

--One of the colorful quotations distributed in a handbook to new employees penned by jay chiat, legendary co-founder of chiat/day, who passed away april 23 following a long bout with cancer.

"Guys are much less secure than we often realize. Smelling great gives them a little bit of confidence"

--Alan Joe, chief operating officer at unilever north america, on the newly introduced, male-targeted axe personal-care line, which includes a body spray.

"There's not enough danger, not enough novelty. ... It's not like people can run around a spaceship and fornicate or kill each other or do other things they do on TV"

--Beverage consultant Tom Pirko, responding to reports of pepsi-cola co.'s plan to craft a $35 million program that would send a contest winner into space aboard a russian shuttle.

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