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New from hip New York stock house Nonstock is a voluminous catalog titled Untitled, featuring the offbeat work of young British photographers. Distributed by Nonstock exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, Untitled is designed by freelancer Zoe Scutts, with creative contributions by The Attik, Why Not Associates and several other hot design shops. Released in conjunction with the company's latest general catalog, Nonstock 3, Untitled "represents the work of a distinguished group of British photographers," says Nonstock founder Jerry Tavin, but many are equally distinguished by their peculiar photographic conceits. "It caught my eye as a body of work that pushes the boundaries of stock photography and is in tune with Nonstock's aesthetics," Tavin adds. It's all part of Nonstock's "venture into alternative and progressive imagery for the new millennium." And a lot of the pictures are real purty, too.

Top: Rob Carter. Above: Nina Farrell

Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey

Albert Richards

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