Marketers' View - Integration: the ideal for marketers?

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Many consider integration the marketer's milieu. Here are thoughts from advertisers who embrace it:

Brad Simmons, VP-media U.S., Unilever

"[Integrated marketing] is a very important concept for us.... We revamped the entire marketing-planning process-not just in the U.S. but worldwide-to try to get to a more focused, integrated approach. ... It's impossible to get through a marketing-planning process within Unilever now and maintain the same silos that I think exist within most companies and agencies."

Jed Connelly, senior VP-sales and marketing, Nissan North America

"In an era of shifting [advertising] budgets, how do you bring the customer and the vehicle together? We used strategic integrated marketing based on our understanding of the buyer. Our research indicated to us that [an integrated campaign] raises the level of consideration."

Bob Gamgort, general manager for chocolate, Masterfoods USA

"Integrated marketing's primary objective is to break through the clutter. The challenge is that consumers get roughly 650 advertising/brand impressions a day. So we have to try to come up with a very simple, compelling, single-minded message. ... To create a singular and compelling message across all touch points has to be the marketer's competence."

contributing: jean halliday, jack neff and stephanie thompson

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