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The Marine Corps has a new top PR person and she's a woman! Brigadier Gen. Mary Ann Krusa-Dossin picked up the assignment from Brig. Gen. Andrew B. Davis. The great Drew Davis is returning to reserve duty as commanding general of Force Service Support Group, 14,000 Marines headquartered in New Orleans, working at 85 sites around the country. He also returns to faculty at Northwestern in their exec education program.

Marina Maher Communications, the N.Y.-based PR outfit, celebrates 25 years in the biz on June 28 on the terrace of their HQ On Third Ave.

Pushing for stronger legislation to foil bank robbers, Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) tossed off a quote from Jesse James about "robbing banks because that's where the money is." Someone please tell Harvard alum Schumer it was Willie Sutton, not Jesse.

The Smithsonian hails photog Harry Benson tomorrow at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan, cocktails at 6:30.

When I strolled past Fifth Ave. and 48th Street (Barnes & Noble) the other day to observe the multitudes queuing up to buy Hillary's book, I counted six TV trucks with their telescoping remote feed antennae, including a Fox TV News vehicle. Has Roger Ailes gone "lefty" on us?

Gruner & Jahr USA Publishing's partnership marketing group, which does their integrated sales effort, named Lisa Radist their West Coast director. She'd been L.A. director for Conde Nast. Jack Bamberger says she's "awesome." Who am I to differ?

Rosica Mulhern PR nailed the New Jersey state account for Melanoma Awareness.

David Willey's the new editor of Runners World (Rodale). He was at Men's Journal the last eight years and has run in two marathons and other road races.

Alan Katz writes, "Everything points to this being the right time for a men's magazine (especially a `macho' one) that reaches men in a different way with a different message." We'll be watching!

Why am I not astonished there's no rush to publish (or televise) the misadventures of the troubled Jayson Blair?

Delighted that Jane Krakowski ("Nine") won a Tony. I interviewed her the day the Tony nominations came out, took her to Starbucks on the basis of it. Now that she's won I might spring for a second cup.

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