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Always fun hanging with the Entertainment Weekly guys. They know (almost) everything that's going on, telling me just who 50 Cent might be, whether "Matrix" will top "X2" at the box office, stuff like that. Jim Seymore has, alas, departed, but I like this new topper Rick Tetzeli who came over from Fortune to become M.E. For one thing, he's published in "little magazines," which means he's literate; for another, Rick once ghosted a bio of Ivan Lendl for the actual ghostwriter. "Neither one of them made a single change when I turned in the MS," he noted proudly. Meanwhile Pete Bonventre has become editorial director and Andy Sareyan the publisher. Over lunch the boys told me EW ad pages were up 10% in the first quarter, revenues up 14%, "strongest start in the mag's 13-year history," claims Andy. And they're delivering a comfortable bonus over the 1.6 million rate base. News? Their new monthly music section "Listen2This," and lots of new advertisers including Mini Cooper, X Box, Toyota 4 Runner. They expect a strong second quarter and "even healthier growth in the second half."

No flies on Vogue either. Tom Florio writes the June issue will carry 155 ad pages, "Second largest June in the magazine's history." First half pages were up 78 pages (6.5%). The news? Their first rate base increase in 14 years, going from 1.1 mil to 1.15 million in August, which will still deliver a nice bonus.

Freedom of the Press? Helluva note in The New York Times "Boldface Names" column by Joyce Wadler. At a fund-raising public event, an Asia Society Gala in a Manhattan restaurant, reporter Joyce recounts what happened when she cornered Bill Clinton and as they talked, took notes. An S.S. man broke in. "You cannot report on Mr. Clinton's conversation." Said the former prez, "It's O.K." I realize ex-presidents rate S.S. protection but where does an agent get off stopping a reporter from the Times from taking notes?

Disney Adventures polled kids for their "best book" awards. The entire "Harry Potter" oeuvre won for "best book of all time." "The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby" won for the year and for "best humor."

There's a handsome new mag, Western Interiors and Design, out of Jackson Hole, Wyo., edited by Michael Wollaeger. The publisher's Debra Brandt, CEO is Carol Decker.

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