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I realize this is churlish of me, but is Rummy on speed? Could we please finish mopping up Iraq before we start in on Syria?

The Zinczenkos are taking over. So we'd all better learn how to spell the name. Rodale just named Eric Z. publisher of Backpacker mag. Kid brother David Zinczenko is of course editor of Men's Health.

People unveils its "25 most beautiful" of this year with a party the evening of May 14 in N.Y.

Organic Gardening (Rodale) tells me the gift for this year's Mother's Day is a herb planter.

Space cadets: a WCBS-AM radio sportscaster described a Mets game as being played in a wind "whipping off Jamaica Bay," a body of water nowhere near Shea Stadium.

At Entrepreneur mag, Carrie Fitzmaurice is duking it out with Inc. and FSB, and is doing well with 22 new advertisers so far this year and an increased rate base to 550,000.

James Earl Jones is super in those Verizon commercials. Except for the one as a break-dancer. Give me a break!

Linda Wells of Allure will be honored Nov. 19 by the Skin Cancer Foundation for her magazine's coverage.

Bauer Publishing reports J-14, a single-copy pub for girls, boosted circ 10% last year.

Bill Kupper reports Business Week polybagged its new editorial supplement (Pierce Brosnan on cover, BW logo in lower left corner!) to its 110,000 European subscribers. They're shooting for more ads from global male fashion mart.

I knew little of and cared less about MIT linguist brain and political activist Noam Chomsky until I read a recent New Yorker profile by a writer called Larissa MacFarquhar. Her piece started off by identifying Mr. Chomsky as "one of the greatest minds of the 20th century and one of the most reviled." So I knew I was going to like it. And I did. Huzzah! once again to Editor David Remnick for coming up with writers like this and giving them room to write. And to David Carey for selling some ads to meet the payroll over there.

Constant reader and Dayton attorney Tim Cline raps my knuckles, pointing out it's "Indiana University," and not as I wrote, "U of Indiana." But he's not bringing suit.

Big sendoff for Art Cooper Wednesday April 30 at the Four Seasons. Si Newhouse, James Truman and Steve Florio host the cocktail reception.

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