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While we were all still applauding Bonnie Fuller's splendid achievements at Us I lunched with People magazine President Peter Bauer and its new publisher Kathy Kayse (the name is pronounced "Case" and she's a Lithuanian out of Chi and a dandy). They reminded me of a few items we may have overlooked in the Bonnie excitements. People ended 2002 ranked No. 1 of all mags in ad dollars and ad pages. Their rate base rose last year by 100,000 despite a 10% cover price hike and a basic sub raised to $109. Peter says they're delivering way over base with 3,629,000, and points out the new editor (since last April) Martha Nelson is pretty choice goods herself. In one 16-week stretch she put out consecutive issues with a 60% sell-through, and the title is selling an average 1.5 million at newsstands per issue. Then why not say so? quote I. Watch for a PR/ad campaign booming Nelson (not Horatio, but Martha).

Amy Churgin of Architectural Digest reports the magazine's first half estimated to be up 7% in ad pages (55 pages ahead). May alone will be up 22% (the annual "great design" number).

And at Weight Watchers, Publisher Wayne Perra says the latest PIB ad pages have them up 48% over 2001, with revenues rising 157%. As for circ, since the acquisition by Time Inc. and relaunch in May 2000, they've been scrambling (because they didn't retain the million name subscriber base) but now have the rate base back up to a million as of last month. Newsstand is up to 229,000.Nice job, Wayne.

The Lucky phenomenon continues: April ad pages rose from 109 last year to 168 this time. Circ, too, is booming.

Randy Jones of Worth magazine has a new book out, "Worth's Greatest Stock Picks of All Time."

Move over, Sundance. Budget Living has its own film festival.

Golf's April issue will be its biggest month ever in ads with 155 pages, up 10%.

I believe I did earlier offer an opinion that Yankee "Boomer" Wells was a bum? Now his own damned book confirms it.

You can't nip through the AOL Time Warner building on 51st Street to the 21 Club these days. Security, y'know. But next door you can dash through the Chase Bank's ground floor. Where they still have some dough. Go figure.

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