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Talk about urgency! Gov. Kean, while sniffing out why 9/11 happened, will continue as a small-town college prexy.

Men's Health (Rodale) boosted its ad pages by 22%. Claims 132 new advertisers in the doing.

Liz Smith leaps to Harvey Weinstein's defense after Ken Auletta does a rip job in The New Yorker.

Manhattan PR guy Michael Kaminer did another "Solo Diner's Restaurant Guide," listing restaurants where it's OK and comfortable to eat alone; this one for L.A. Mike's not quitting the day job with clients like Bloomberg and American Banker.

Page Six of the N.Y. Post says Liza Minnelli fell off the wagon, downed three shooters and burst into tears. Page 17 of the Post says she and the groom are suing VH1 for 23 mil. Just another day at Liza's place.

Like those Mini Cooper commercials from Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Like what I've seen of the little car as well.

Finally caught the Charles Barkley show on TNT. They took off "Law & Order" for this crap?

Pete Rose was, is, and always will be a hustler. In the pejorative sense.

Bridal Guide getting blase? The magazine's big January/February issue promises an article on how to "Remarry the Right Way."

Not a bad idea: a new Zagat Guide-sized book by Jode Susan Millman of seating plans for 150 New York-area stadiums, theaters, concert halls, etc.

Steve Forbes sends along a copy of Forbes' 85th anniversary issue highlighting business technology and innovations dating back to the time of his grandpa, B.C. Forbes.

Carol Campbell of More reports that since the magazine's launch in 1998 the rate base has grown to 850,000, effective February. Ad pages were up 30% in December/ January and are tracking 40% ahead for February.

Smithsonian, zeroing in on that yummy New York buying power, named Tom Madden its N.Y. manager and Caryl Heard sales development manager. They're a savvy duo, one from Harvard Business Review, the second from Fast Company.

The New York-based ad and design firm Wilson/Rusch just ended its year with picking up the Washington-based Sport & Health Clubs chain.

Those Coors Light commercials scare the hell out of me.

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