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How can Larry King sit there next to Madonna and with a straight face, tell her the new movie's "wonderful."

I prefer Rex Reed's take in the New York Observer along the line of, any Guy Ritchie movie is bad; any Guy Ritchie movie starring her is worse. Says Sexy Rexy: " `Swept Away' is as sexy as turnip soup."

Dave Arnold (a.k.a. "another of those obnoxious Brits") tells me through the end of this year House Beautiful will be up 6% in ads. December, says Dave, will be their biggest in 23 years. He credits new Editor Mark Mayfield.

Donna Kalajian Lagani says Cosmo is again raising its rate base in January. It'll go to 2.8 million and then to 2.9 million depending on the month. She says newsstand now tops 2 million.

Diabetes Forecast, put out by the American Diabetes Assn., is doing more than OK. Howard Richman says paid circ is up 23% in five years and November's issue (with 73 ad pages) is their biggest ever.

Denise Anderson of Popular Science says its November issue closed up a rousing 107% in ad pages.

Amy Mahfouz joined Money mag PR operation as senior manager.

Cogent PR (love the name) in Woburn, Mass., has two new clients, Nantucket Offshore specialty foods and Mundial scissors & shears.

Quest's October issue was their biggest in the monthly's 17 years.

Spin named Casie Lyn Schlereth its sales director for Southern Cal, based in Newport Beach. Which is pretty classy basing.

Shape upped its rate base by 100,000 to 1.6 million this month.

Robert De Niro's young Tribeca film fete stealing thunder of the old established N.Y. Film Festival at Lincoln Center? That's what I'm told.

Surface created a splash with the Oct. 25 hurrah for the "most promising" young photographers.

Bob Dilenschneider has a new book out, his seventh. "50 Plus" is all about career decisions at a certain age.

Sailing World's November issue, all about the America's Cup, is its biggest ever.

Usually I'm on the side of the troops vs. the brass. But what Rosie did to that mag and its staff and to that parent company was reckless, destructive, inexcusable.

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